SeedStudio Wifly Shield

I just bought Wifly Shield v1.0 and tested TCP Server example source code and it works.
I wanna ask, can this Wifly Shield become an access point and connect it to Android SmartPhone?
If it can, may I ask about how to make this Wifly Shield works as an access point.
I’m sorry for my bad english
thx before :smiley:

As i know, there is an AP mode, but I didn’t have a try~ :slight_smile:

hey,you can download the new library for wifi shield from our wiki(, and we have a demo that you can regard wifi shield as a router. Good enjoyment.

Hi Jacket Chen.
I opened your link but, it goes to wifi shield v1.1 wiki.
I already download library from there
is there new library for v2.0?

hey,the new version of wifi shield is v1.1,but not v2. And the library we have posted on github.(

I already download it and extract it to arduino/libraries
but it says :
“The library “Wifi_Shield_Master” cannot be used. Library names must contain only basic letters and numbers. (ASCII only and no spaces, it cannot start with a number)”

and when i’m trying to compile one of the example (ex:wifly_ap) it says “WiFly does not name a type”
can you help me please T.T

I too am getting an error when trying to compile the example sketch:

In file included from HTTPClient.cpp:3: HTTPClient.h:31: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'WiFly' with no type HTTPClient.h:31: error: expected ';' before '*' token HTTPClient.cpp: In constructor 'HTTPClient::HTTPClient()': HTTPClient.cpp:8: error: 'wifly' was not declared in this scope HTTPClient.cpp:8: error: 'WiFly' is not a class or namespace HTTPClient.cpp: In member function 'int HTTPClient::connect(const char*, const char*, const char*, const char*, int)': HTTPClient.cpp:47: error: 'wifly' was not declared in this scope HTTPClient.cpp:55: error: 'wifly' was not declared in this scope

Okay, I’m an idiot… I had multiple Library directories which each had a “Wifly.h” file… I guess it was loading the wrong one… Once I’d removed all the other folders from the /libraries and left only the new version, I was able to get the HTTP example to work…

I already removed the old wifly library and left di new library, but it still error T.T

The errors like that “WiFly does not name a type”, it means you have put your libraris in a wrong path.Could you show the path of Wifiy shield library.

My bad, i move it correct path and it works
But i wanna ask can it receive data from android and print it in serial monitor?

yes, you can transmit information between wifi shield PC (Serial monitor).

So can i transmit data to wiflty shield and print it in serial monitor
in this library tehere are canreadfromsocket() function for read data that send to wifly shield, but in the new library (the one u gave me) there are no canreadfromsocket() function
can u help me solve this problem?

In fact, we can transmit data to wifly shield via Android and print it in serial monitor, but we don’t write a manual now. You need open a tool “putty” on the PC , and open a TCP for Android on your phone, of course the wifly shield shoule be acted as a server and connected to a net.

We would write it next month , please wait patiently.

OK sir :smiley:
and can my arduino get a time via wifi shield??
because i read arduino can get time via GPRS/Ethernet/Wifi shield

hey , the wifi shield can get the real time from the net , but we don’t have this demo now. Maybe you can refer to the datasheet of RN-171 from Resource on the wiki.

I also wanna ask sir
can this wifishield send data to specific IP?
i’m using wifly_ap example code, an at this part :

while (Serial.available()) {

it should be sending data through wifi right?
but i already tested send data to wifly shield from my android and it works
but my android can’t receive data from wifly shield T.T
is wifishield need specific client’s IP to send it?

please write as soon as possible !