Seedstudio Lotus external power supply

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I bought a Seedstudio Lotus board and a Grove I2C Motor Driver to make my first robot. So, my question is : how can i supply external power to my Lotus board ? I have a DFRobot Turtle mobile platform with five 1.5V batteries slots to plug with the Motor Driver board, but I don’t know how to connect this power supply to my arduino board.

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Connect the battery to Seeeduino lotus using jumper wires as follows

Lotus Battery 5V-------->4.5~5V GND------>GND
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is there a voltage regulator behind the LOTUS 5V PIN (can I plug a 9V battery) ?
what is the maximum and minimum amperage supported ?

2d question : Can I connect the USB cable to a battery (same questions is there a power regulator that allows us to send more than 5V and what is the amperage supported) ?

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  1. 9V battery cannot be connected to the 5v pin of the Seeeduino Lotus.There is a voltage regulator connected to lotus 5v pin but it cannot be supplied more than 5v.The maximum ampere rating is 800mA.The voltage regulator converts 5V to 3.3V.
    So the maximum voltage that can be applied is 5v.

2.It is possible to connect the battery (5v only and not more than that)to the USB.Please check the polarity before connecting them.

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