Seedduino Stalker + GY-52 MPU-6050


I’m trying to make a acceleration data logger, the Seeeduino Stalter seems for me the best fit, it already comes with RTC, battery, and SD card reader all build-in.

I managed to get my arduino uno to work with the GY-52 with no issues.

I’m trying to replicate the same in the Stalker with no luck.

I’m using the example for the MPU-6050 and what I get is:

Initializing I2C devices…
Testing device connections…
MPU6050 connection failed

I have tried 3.3V, 5V, some 10k pull-up resistors on the SDA, SCL lines, but it doesn’t want to work.

Does anyone has some ideas?

Thanks in advance…

I have tried now the Stalker with another I2C sensor and it works…

Ideias for the MPU 6050?