Seed studio XIAO nrf 52840 Zigbee

Hello, I want to by this type of XIAO but I am not sure. Tell me is there some way to use this hardware to send messages via zigbee? Is it implemented in Arduino SDK or Micropython sdk? The chip should be able to use zigbee → chip manufactuer wrote it on his page.


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Hello, thank you for your interest in our products. Currently the XIAO nRF52840 chip is ZigBee enabled, but we have not developed the ZigBee content, so the full range of XIAO is currently not ZigBee enabled.

I have four of these boards (two sense and two non-sense). So, I’m not able to access the zigbee functions?

Is there a projected date for drivers for the zigbee functions on the nRF5280 Xiao boards?

There is no definite date for zigbee support for now.

Then you really shouldn’t market it as such.

Not sure I’ll be buying anymore of your pipe dreams.