Seed studio XIAO nrf 52840 Zigbee

Hello, I want to by this type of XIAO but I am not sure. Tell me is there some way to use this hardware to send messages via zigbee? Is it implemented in Arduino SDK or Micropython sdk? The chip should be able to use zigbee → chip manufactuer wrote it on his page.


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Hello, thank you for your interest in our products. Currently the XIAO nRF52840 chip is ZigBee enabled, but we have not developed the ZigBee content, so the full range of XIAO is currently not ZigBee enabled.

I have four of these boards (two sense and two non-sense). So, I’m not able to access the zigbee functions?

Is there a projected date for drivers for the zigbee functions on the nRF5280 Xiao boards?

There is no definite date for zigbee support for now.

Then you really shouldn’t market it as such.

Not sure I’ll be buying anymore of your pipe dreams.

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Is is possible to get Zigbee working by using something like Zephyr a custom bootloader etc? Is it a hardware or software limitation?


I’ve got Zigbee working by flashing my own bootloader & softdevice on the XIAO.

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Hi, this is a software limitation, but we don’t have the R&D resources to implement it at the moment.

I am very sorry, in the original plan we were going to develop zigbee function for it.
We have removed the text supporting zigbee from the promotional material now.

This is very disappointing.

I bought 2 of the nrf52840’s from Amazon specifically for zigbee support. Now, in addition to needing to return my current boards, I have to research and find, then order something new. This will set my project back by a week or so.

And I just checked the Amazon product listing, and it still states that the nrf52840 supports zigbee.

Perhaps @Bwko would be so kind as to share details of how to flash the bootloader & softdevice to get zigbee working for others that run into this in the future.

Can you upload / link your source code? Would love to have an open firmware option as my next project relies on these having Zigbee support.

I was going to ask “why does the XIAO nRF52840 page say that it doesn’t support zigbee?”, because I know it does, and then I saw this topic.

Zigbee is not a part of, or reliant on, the SoftDevice stack. It does not need anything from SeeedStudio and it has nothing to do with the bootloader. So it should be easy to make the XIAO work with Zigbee.

Nordic has provided a SDK for Thread and Zigbee: nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee -

Inside, there is both a lower level 802.15.4 module and a higher level ZBOSS stack for full Zigbee stack

The only problem I’ve ran into using SDKs directly from Nordic is that the Arduino core uses older SDKs from Nordic, and there are occasionally minor changes that make the newer SDK not compatible with existing older SDK files

Some more documentation links

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@Seeed-Liu When I think of Seeed Studios, I think of a hardware manufacturer. I know (and appreciate!) that Seeed develops some Arduino examples for people to get started with.

But for me, the true power of the Xiao series has always been the ability to flash other programs. Want a dap-cmsis debugger? Flash pico probe on a RP2040. Want a toolhead board, or a remote stepper CAN controller? Flash Klipper to a Samd21 or RP2040. Want to automate your mini blinds, or build a matter controllable strip light? Flash Tasmota to a esp32c3. Need a mechanical keyboard? Flash zmk to an nrf52840…

To that end, I rely on Seeeduino’s product listings to accurately reflect the capabilities of the HARDWARE. Even if you do not provide examples of how to use a hardware feature, it’s valuable to me for it to be listed in the product description.

Just wanted to chime in with my 2¢. Thanks for making great boards!

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I too, would like to see that code if it works and actually exists?
Anyone?, Buller,? Anyone?
GL :slight_smile: PJ