Seed groove Bluetooth v3.01 Problem

Hello, I am a French teacher and I am having difficulty using the Seed Groove V3.01 module.

This module does not respond to any AT command And I would like to change their HmSoft ID to another Name. How should I go about it? I am using an Arduino R3 board coupled to a Groove 2.1 shield.

Im using this code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial hc06(8,9);

void setup(){


Serial.println(“ENTER AT Commands:”);



void loop(){

if (hc06.available()){



if (Serial.available()){




Looking forward to an answer from you, please accept my greetings. Mr Leroy


please have a look at the line of ‘AT+BIND’ in the command list. And send it from your computer to your Arduino then to your grove.

Links:<LINK_TEXT text=“ … mand-list/”></LINK_TEXT>

I hope the information can help you.

Hey, i try the AT+BIND:?, it’not working to.

I change my code and i use this :

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define RxD 2 //Pin 2 pour RX (pin0=serial) vert

#define TxD 3 //Pin 3 pour TX, on peut changer noir

SoftwareSerial BTSerie(RxD, TxD);

void setup()


Serial.begin(57600); //115200 si on veut


Serial.println(“Boready for AT Commands”);

// Configuration du bluetooth

pinMode(RxD, INPUT);

pinMode(TxD, OUTPUT);

BTSerie.begin(57600); //57600


BTSerie.print(“AT”); //ASk for AT ready



Serial.print (“Asking”);


void loop()


char recvChar;

//On lit caractere par caractere sur le BTSerie et on affiche sur le Terminal Serie

if (BTSerie.available()) {

recvChar =;

Serial.print ("receipt msg : ");




if (Serial.available()) {

recvChar =;


Serial.print ("Send AT command : ");

Serial.println (recvChar);



but no answer… WHY ??? I’don’t understand why the Bluetooth Module not responding to my AT order.

Somebody can help me ?

Bonjour, j’ai eu le même souci, le module ne semble que répondre en 115200 bauds.