Security project proposal

Good morning, I would like to propose to the Seeed software and hardware development team to create a project for human safety: I’m talking about creating Seeed smart watches with a sensor that detects muscle compressions of the wrist muscle (an EMG sensor, with simple operational amplifiers (like the INA 333 and the OPA 333)) which together with a real-time GPS tracking chip allows a person as soon as they find themselves in danger to be able to silently and with imperceptible muscular movements carry out a sequence of compressions that unlock a protocol for asking for help by sending the GPS position in real time to reach the person. Furthermore, with a sensor that detects when an Seeed Watch is detached from the wrist, a system could be implemented where if a person takes away someone else’s Seeed Watch without their will (for example without entering the unlock pin), the watch signals danger by highlighting the GPS point in the tracker app. Therefore, a specific real-time GPS localization and tracking security app should also be designed with many tools and features to make personal safety unbeatable: revolutionizing the world of personal safety and the fight against torture thanks to technology. Seeed clocks would become complete personal security clocks and could become unbeatable to attackers if designed well. Surely you know how to find the solutions or technical tools, so I hope you understood the purpose of this project, to make the world a safer place for humans through technology. I am currently trying to make this security watch by myself, but I know that you could do it much better and much faster than me, so I ask you to embrace this philanthropic civil security project. Thanks in advance. Best regards.