Second x86j4125 returned due to RAM failure

I have returned second x86j4125 in 9 months due to RAM failure.
Is something wrong with the 4125 series?
I am using x86j4105 24/7 more than one year without any problems and x86j4125 is just a pain.

Hello @Mariusz_Sky,

How did you conclude that is it a RAM failure? Did you run memtest86? Do you have any logs so that I can have a look?

Thank you.

I did memtest86. Hundreds thousands of errors during testing.

Did you update the BIOS to the latest version and tried before sending back the units?

Thank you.

Latest BIOS and EC firmware, H and Q as far as I remember.
The device is under RMA process so I can’t check it now.

It’s okay now. You can wait for your new unit.

FYI, we have not experienced many complaints about the RAM on 4125 series in the past. So this is not a common issue actually.