SDK Required

Dear All

i have an issue, i get the new Xado rephone with GPS module, and I developed the sample thins as demo.
now i need the SDK if it available for Xado Rephone, to complete my project using Arduino 1.6.0 or higher

Which sdk? The one for the Eclipse with the Mediatek SDK?

Hi dbelam,
We use Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone_Kit and Arduino 1.6.0 IDE in the following link … ePhone_Kit
but we have an issue in the accurcy for the GPS Reading as there is difference 50 Kmeter in longitude. this is my problem, any help?

Oh you also found the GPS bug.
You have to get the new firmware and reflash the GPS module, a whole thread is about it, you can find every answer there:

Hi dbelam,
Thank you for your reply, I still have the same problem and your recommended post doesn’t help me in my problem.
I add the solution in the post in my code but there is difference in the longitude about 50 Km.
So there is any solution for my problem to get at least the GPS location in accurate.

You can add the solution, it won’t help - the GPS module, not the rephone has bad firmware. You can do anything with the rephone, it will always show the bad value because the GPS sends the bad value. Reflash the GPS module itself, not rephone.

how to re flash GPS module? Please inform me in details to be able to reflash GPS firmware on the Arduino IDE version 1.6.0