SD Card Shield v4.1 - trouble locating correct pins

I recently purchased a SD Card Shield v4.1 with hopes of using it with a Freescale Freedom board. (I know it is not an Arduino but it has a physically compatible pin header.)
Before purchase, I consulted the Wiki page which indicated …
“Pins usage on Arduino (with SD card)
D4: SD_CS;
D11: SD_DI;
D12: SD_DO;
D13: SD_CLK.”
I set up the Freedom to use the equivalent pins for these functions but could not get the SD Card to be recognized.
I then checked the Wiki again and found the schematic for v4.0 which indicated that the SPI pins were on the 6-pin ICSP header. I tried running jumpers to those pins in the apparent positions from the schematic but still no luck.
I tried searching the forums and found a thread (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5343&p=19797&hilit=SD+Card+Shield+mega#p19797) which showed a JPEG of the board layout for the v4.1 which appears to show two of the SPI pins on the 6-pin header and one shared with the IIC header.
Put simply, none of these combinations has worked for me. I would really like to use this shield if I can find the correct pins. Can anyone offer any assistance?

For whatever it is worth, I subsequently purchased a little SD Card breakout board from Amazon and wired it to the Freedom. With the same SD Card that I was trying to use before, I had no trouble connecting and reading/writing files.

Thanks in advance.