SD Card Shield V4.0 on Arduino DUE

i have an Arduino DUE and can’t make the SD Card Shield V4.0 run on it.
Please help.

Kind regards

Can you provide more detailed information, such as the product link of Arduino DUE you mentioned, and your steps, what happened?

This is the board.

I bought the SD Card Shield V4.3 and did the configuration like discribed -> Stack the shield on the Arduino -> checked the SD Card on my Notebook and inserted it into the shield -> opened the “CardInfo” Sketch. Didn’t work. Checkt all the notes -> still didn’t work. Tried different CS-Pins -> didn’t work.
I don’t really know how to make it run on a due just by stacking the shield… Most tutorials i red was about how to connect a SD Card reader by wire! This is not what i am looking for as i don’t need ANY wires on my arduino as i am going to stack a circuit board on the top.

Maybe our product description document can help you