SD card shield for Arduino V2.1

Hi, I think my SD card shield for Arduino V2.1 has a problem because I replace the pins on it by a header to get easily access to the 3.3V and the ground, and now my SD card cannot initialize anymore.

Can I have the schema to test it, Or can I have a test procedure?



You can use the Arduino code from here … p&can=2&q= to read data from SD Card through the Shield.

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I’ve got a “error: card.init SD error: 1,0” with the SDFatPrint exemple.

The card is’nt locked
the switch is at 3.3V
the card is a 1gig microSD EMTEC with an adapter (Working on my PC and formated in FAT16)
The SD card shield is in the right pin of the arduino…

some one have an idea?