anyone know an example code for scrolling text by rainbowduino ver3?
Another question: I would like to use mtXcontrol software with my rainbowduino ver3, is it works?
I have this problem: I successfully flash the Rainbowduino, Mtxcontrol software finds the rainbowduino board and I see the rx/tx led on board up when I send activity to the board, but the RGB LED MATRIX do not light up. Any suggest?

thank you

I have looked around a lot for code for Rainbowduino and have found nothing besides the example programs that come with the library.

As for your problem, there isn’t enough information for me to advise you. The first thing is to decide whether your hardware works. You can do that by using example programs, which are supposed to work, though one reveals an obvious bug in the library. If the hardware works with the examples, great! Then you only have to find your software problem. I can’t help you with that without a lot more info, for example the source, the hardware environment, and what you expect it to be doing.