Screenshot saving DSO Nano v2 + BenF's fw


I have above mentioned DSO Nano and am very satisfied with all the features present in BenF’s fw (Currently 3.60/3.52). One thing buggers me though. I am not able to save any files to microSD card (128MB so it is simple SD).

When I try to save screenshot I get NO FILE error. I tried empty card, precreated empty IMAGE0.BMP and IMAGE000.BMP and also precreated 480x320 all white BMP files with those names.

According to how I understand the docs, the fw should be able to create files, because there is nothing about precreating files (as it was with the official fw).

Anyone has any idea what is wrong?

Thanks a lot

You should be reading viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1946

Hi, not really. I saw that topic and the errors are different. I am getting neither No Card or SD Err errors. What I see is No File. Although the cause may be the same, it is still different behaviour from everything I was able to find in the forum.

The error message “No File” is displayed when a file could not be opened for reading or writing.

Based on your first post, a good start would be to reformat the card. I suggest you download and use a utility called “sdformatter” for this. Reformatting may be needed if the card has been used in an embedded device (such as a camera or cell phone) and will be required always if ever used with the Nano stock firmware. Format for 16 bit FAT with the card inserted in the Nano and connected with USB. Note that 12 bit FAT will not work and this may be default for this size card.

There is no need to create template files and/or directories as these will be created as and when needed.

Thanks for hints, the reformat helped after all. I was complicated a bit by a fact that I usually do not have Windows machine around and the sd formatter utility requires Microsoft’s system.

Did anybody know what systems and utilities (if any…) can perform the proper formatting from other platforms (linux, Mac OS X)? Just in case I’m in need of doing it again some day.