screen very dim on battery power

I have a new DSO Quad 2.6. At first the unit would not operate at all under battery, nor would it charge. Comparing the unit to a colleagues working unit we determined that the battery leads were reversed. After fixing this the unit does appear to function under battery operation, but the screen is very dim. Even at 100% BL it is almost too dim to read. When plugged into USB it is much brighter.

Any suggestions?

What does it show as the battery voltage when operating on battery? Is it less than 3.7 volts?

My guess is that U19 (battery vs. usb power switch) could be damaged (schematic: Seeed might replace it for you, as the wires were wrong way around anyway… but if you just want to fix it yourself, replace that part or short-circuit pins 3 and 4. No warranty on that hack :stuck_out_tongue: