Score indicator

Hi all
We are going to design a Score indicator(for a game of Ping-Pong),and the components list includes:
IR Receive;
We’ll promulgate its codes and design principles in two days,welcome to join us and tell me your idea.

Come on, to change your life little by little!

wow~ I am looking forward to it~

Cool, It useful for gaming.

It can extend some other components? Like Bluetooth Shield.

You know,during the process of DIY,you would find more interesting things. Just like the process of planting,you fertilize and water it,watching it grow from a seed to a tall tree,gives you a sense of satisfaction.

When we finished a module with a fanction,we would love to add more fanctions to it ,wouldn’t we?

We meant to make a score indicator to keep records of the scores through buttons,later on,we added time display and then wireless control.

The following attachment is the code (3.14 KB)

Before we make this DIY, we consider some display screens,such as LCD,Touch Shield~~but it seems too small,so we decide to use 7 Segment Display - 8 Inches

and it seems big enough~~ :wink:

and we need a smaller screen to display innings,so we add two 7 Segment Display - 5 Inches

we can use Rainbowduino v2(of course Rainbowduino V3 is more better) to drive them,and it’s more convenient instead of other handmade-driving.

And then , we start to combine them together.

First, we need a blueprint

The two 7 Segment Display - 5 Inches are the same connection

And followig is the others’ connection

So , we have done the section of display , and then we can use RTC to adjust time.Also we need a IR Receive, we can use a telecontroller to control the score indicator.

wow~we have done it almost, but the last thing is telecontroller.
you can make a new telecontroller, or we can use a ready-made.