Schemtics file format of Seeeduino Mega

Hi I use KiCad 2.8.10 for Windows, and I tried to open Seeeduino_Mega.brd and Seeeduino_Mega.sch and I receive the following errors:

Seeeduino_Mega.sch is NOT an EESchema file!

and for Seeeduino_Mega.brd the error is: Unknown file type

I guess they are made in a different a program, what program are they compatible with? and is there a way to get the files compatible with KiCad?


Those files are Eagle files.

Thanks, I downloaded the trial and I was able to open the files successfully.

By any chance do you know a way to see a list of all the components used? (something like R1 = 220 Ohm, C1 = 10mF, or something like that).

I know this is not a cadsoft but I haven’t been able to find it, and maybe it’s something simple that someone here know.