Schematics for ODYSSEY X86J4125

I’m considering buying an ODYSSEY X86J4125 for evaluation for a new product. However there are 2 things that the documentation that I’ve been able to find are confusing or not documented.

1: Is there a set of schematics available for it that I can download?
2: The GPIO pinout for the Raspberry Pi isn’t consistent with the Raspberry Pi header. It looks more like a several hundred ball PGA pin assignment. The pins for the Pi assignment are clear, but the pins to the ATSAMD21G18 aren’t. I have the datasheet from Microchip and it appears to be either a 48 pin TQFP or QFN, or a 45 pin WLCSP (BGA). I would like to use the SPI bootloader to program the SAM21 and reconfigure a few of the GPIO lines. Thus the reason for wanting to know what header pins go to what chip pins.
3: Lastly, I see that the ODYSSEY can be powered from the USB-C connector. However I need to power a USB-C touch screen for the application. Can the USB-C connector do that according the the spec?

Thank you in advance for any info.

Regarding Item 2, I found the answer in this thread (GPIO connections), but it’s not a deal breaker as I still have the Arduino connector available and can accomplish what I wish through that by utilizing some circuitry before it. However I would still like an answer to item 1 and 3. Thank you.

@ArKay99 Thanks your questions.

  1. We can not provide the schematic due to some business reason.
  2. Yes, Pi header come from Intel CPU directly and Arduino header come from SAMD21G18. You can program the SAMD21 via arduino IDE or SWD interface(need some pogo pins).
  3. Odyssey can be powered from USB PD, the C port only provide 5V/1A power capacity to USB device.