Schematic: Soil Moisture & Temperature & EC Sensor

Soil Moisture & Temperature & EC Sensor


I would like to buy this sensor. However, I would like to have more information about the measuring principle before I buy it. What frequencies are used to record the values…?
Is there a schematic of the sensor or can someone take a picture of the PCB?

Hi there,
I don’t think Seeed is the manufacture of this device and Doubt they have anything additional on it.
What is the issue you have with it?
I believe it’s potted inside and a picture wouldn’t show anything?
You see the listed feature?
● Soil moisture content, electrical conductivity and temperature all in one
● One solution can also be used for fertilizer, and other nutrient solution conductivity matrix
● Electrode using special treatment of the alloy material, can withstand a strong external impact, not
easy to damage
● Completely sealed, acid and alkali corrosion, can be buried in the soil or directly into the water for
long-term dynamic testing
● High precision, fast response, good compatibility, the probe insert design to ensure accurate
measurement, reliable performance
● Perfect protection circuit
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