Sawers Studio is copying your website

I was looking at the blog of a company called sawers from Bolivia that was accused of copying a blog pot and infringing copyright from open-electronics(dot)com and claiming them as their own, when I realised that their webpage and store is an exact copy of Seeedstudio and they are infringing Seed’s copyright .

Take a look : www(dot)sawers(dot)com(dot)bo
They have copied all your design and even your images and translated the text to spanish. If you have not given them permission to do so you should ask their hosting company to take down their site.

o my god, that 's amazing…thanks for your attention! Your feedback is very important to us.

you’re welcome,
But I wonder howcome they are still online, last time I had a page steal my design they were taken down in 24 hours after I mailed their hosting company.

Never mind. To be imitated , is a good news , that means something we did well.

If more and more imitation occur, maybe we could say:

Being aftered all the time,and never have been passed!