Saving waveform on 2GB SD fails

Hi @all,

I tried everything i could imagine, but it won´t work.

Software information:
APP 3.64
LIB 3.53

I read this thread and followed the instruction step by step without any success.

So i found in the BenF manual the point that the directory structure must be kinda like this


in every directory i have put a file how the manual recommends. and i have paid attention on the file endings .cfg ,.bmp, *.xml and the recommended name for each file. After that i have done progress, the DSO recognized the saved files and showed them red colored in the FI property. I guess the DSO can read but not write on the SD.

The filesystem is FAT16 which i formatted with the win7 native utility. For the formatting i have also tried SDFormatter from Panasonic and HP USB Tool.

With SDFormatter it´s impossible to choose the filesystem the software recognized the SD size of 1,86GB and after formatting, it was 30GB huge with a FAT32 filesystem. :open_mouth: :laughing: I tried it multiple times. With the HP tool there were no possibility to choose FAT16 also like with SDFormatter.

What´s getting wrong please helping me :slight_smile:


hey folks,

i found my f*** problem

And for all with the same issue here comes the solution.

If you want to save an image you must push the M button and hold it for a sec. You will see it at the bottom on the right side. the file name turns in red.


go to the system symbol, then format /FS:FAT
It formats SD cards in FAT16.
Good Luck :smiley: