Saving settings corrupts card?

Just got my new DSO nano in the last few hours and things look good.

However I ran into a problem when trying to access the card when plugging into a computer. The card needed formatting before it could be used. I thought it a bit odd, but formatted it and everything seemed to be ok.
Was then able to save and load wave forms without much trouble.

However after saving the settings as per the manual “Hold “R/S” Button and press “M” button to save current settings as default.” I was suddenly unable to access the card. Plugging it into the computer again told me I needed to format the card before I could use it.

The DSO is version 1.1 and the firmware version is 2.01.

Any help would be appreciated.

1 fomat your SD card to FAT16
2 download the dat file here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=429&start=10
3 decompression it , then put the files onto your SD card
4 try to save the waveform again

It seems to have come good now.
It seemed each time after I used R/S + M to save the settings I had to do those steps again to get the card back working again.
Odd, now I go back a repeat them the card isn’t being corrupted. It may have something to do with having it plugged into USB and open on the computer at the time?

Still it doesn’t seem that the settings are being saved/loaded at power on

When I initially turn on the nano it is set to 1V/Div and 200us/Div. with the waveform as shown in the photo in the manual.
I change it to 5V/Div and 500us/Div connect up to the test signal and then save using R/S + M.
When I turn the DSOnano off and then back on again it still comes up with the original 1V, 200us and the original waveform.

Are the settings saved to FILE000.dat? Originally it was a string of “1234567890ABC” etc. After saving the settings that has been replaced with what looks like the contents of the other files.

if you want to save the setting you need this dat file in yuor SD card
CONFIG.rar (403 Bytes)

decompression it and copy to your card.

Thank you for that, that solved the problem.

Everything is now working great :smiley: