Save wave file needed

Hello all! I have ordered dso 203 quad and it should arrive soon. i have been trying to learn how to operate it and get it set up for use, i read that i need to have some special .bmp file for saving waveforms to view at pc. Proble is i cant find the file anywhere and all links i have found that should lead to file are no longer in use :frowning: Please could somebody help me where to find the file??

In the versions of the scope app I use no special file is needed. Just save to a bmp file and a new screenshot file is created which then appears in the disk when USB connected to a computer.

Where did you see a reference to a special bmp?

Hello and thanks for reply! DSO arrived today (still charcing battery :unamused: ). i read about save file in here and i found some links somewhere dont remember where and cant find em now… I will have try it out tomorrow :sunglasses:

EDIT: I began to try out the scope and it is fantastic :smiley: im just starting to get hang of it and it didnt need any bmp files :blush: