Save Camera pics to computer

Hi there,

So I have the ADK Dash Kit and am using the Grove Mega Shield. I’m trying to use the camera to take a picture, however, since i don’t have an SD card, I’m trying to save the picture file directly to my computer. Unfortunately i haven’t yet figured out how to do this from the demo code or the wiki (or even where to connect the camera!). So my questions are 1) does anyone have any simple code that allows you to take a picture usingthe camera and save that picture to the user computer? and 2) which socket should i be connecting the camera too (i currently have it in the UART0)


Hey , if you don’t have a SD Card, you can only use it with UartSBee , the connections have been posted on the wiki

And we have a software tool for taking pictures , it has been posted on the wiki too.

By the way , you can find a SD Card on Seeed Studio: … ?cPath=105