Sample reading BLE Sense sensors over Bluetooth

Hi Folks.

I’m looking for sample code showing how to read this device’s sensors over its Bluetooth, especially the motion sensors. I’m sure it must exist already, after all, the distinguishing characteristic of the device is that it has loads of sensors and Bluetooth. So it’s reasonable to assume that any buyer of this thing would want to read the sensors over the Bluetooth. Otherwise they would have bought a cheaper device with just the sensors or just the Bluetooth. I found a sample that makes a Bluetooth light switch but that seems irrelevant to the BLE Sense, which has no motors. It’s not obvious which Bluetooth service or assigned number to use for an IMU, or how to initialise the sensors, if at all. Should I set it up like a serial port just squirting out numbers all the time, or is there a better way?

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There is an example here by Seeed with a doppler radar, but no guarantee that it works.

I can assure you that it is working properly and this is the code I have completed.

There are more small projects here:

Edge Impulse: