SAMD Seeduino via USBasp?

Hi there!

I was working on a new project, in which I want to use Odyssey as a base. I also want to use microcontroller to manage some peripherials. Most of my experience with microcontrollers was with Arduino, but I did play with other (atmega8 and pic16f1517) but it was quite long time ago.

I want to program the microcontroller on odyssey but without using the main board for it, using USBasp for example, using only the pins for it (I just won’t install arduino ide on main board) and using different computer to upload program?
how can I do it? And also what software would you recommend for me (I will write in C language) to prepare program and upload it via SPI (or ISP? I always mix’em). Maybe you have some tutorials for me to read it?

so far i’ve tried doing it on my old USBasp avr programmer, but I think it’s broken (isn’t recognizing the usb as COM port- says it can’t access the device- same error with different computers) so I will have to purchase something anyway and I will appreciate anyd advises and knowledge.

Thank you for help,