SAMD analog calibration library-where to find it

On site I found some info on how to calibrate ADC in XIAO, however, the Arduino IDE doesn’t find the proper library (SAMD_AnalogCalibration.h) on my system. All attempts to find information on where to find it failed. There is some stuff on Github, but I have no idea how to navigate this site.
I am rather new to this whole activity so would appreciate any suggestions on how to find it and install it in my Arduino IDE.
Thank you.

How far do you want to calibrate the ADC? @krzysiekf

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question.
I just want to do the automatic calibration by some XIAO library piece of code that supposedly exists and should be included in the Seeeduino XIAO board library but it’s not.

Hi krzysiekf
If you just want to run “CorrectADCResponse.ino” on XIAO, you can do it by following steps :
1 Access “
2 Click “Code (green button) -> Download ZIP” to download “ArduinoCore-samd-master.ZIP”
3 Unzip to a suitable location
4 Folder “ArduinoCore-samd-master/libraries/SAMD_AnalogCorrection”
Copy into “C:/User/xxxxxxxx/Documents/Arduino/libraries”

Now, even if you select XIAO board, “SAMD_AnalogCorrection” will appear in “File -> Examples -> Examples from Custum Libraries”.

I am following your advise.
The code compiles and uploads, but there is no response from the XIAO. Nothing coming in the serial monitor.
Please advise.

I found the issue, and copy it here in case others have the same problem.

Code for the XIAO seem to need a pause after Serial.begin(9600), waiting for the serial port to be available.
Solution is to add this line after Serial.begin(9600):

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Fyi fixing the link for anyone else coming here: