S2120 rainfall error

After 1 year of working fine I don’t get any more rainfall data (other data works fine). After rain there is no data about it (0). I tried to simulate rainfall (putting some water in to the SenseCAP or manually tapping ‘spoon’ for water) but I didn’t get any rainfall in data (still 0mm).
My question is: if I tapp a ‘spoon’ for water, should it be count as a rainfall? How can I check if it’s hardware error or software issue? And if it is software issue what can I do?

I have been thinking about getting one of these units, how has your experience with it been…?

Forks fine … to the last month. I can’t get any rainfall - naturally or manually :confused:

Hi there,
You have any bad weather there, Lightning etc?
May be Cooked, Can you disconnect/remove the power for about 10 minutes and , try again.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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How does the sensor work? is it magnetic? has the little magnet fallen off?

Thanks for replyes. Soft and hard restart doesn’t help.
I have this device.
I don’t know how the sensor works. Inside there is a spoon where rainfall… fall and when it is full it drops water by falling down and geting up when it’s empty. In my opinion that drop should count as a rainfall - but now it doesn’t. I didn’t check it before :confused:
Main question is: what should happen when I tapp a ‘spoon’ for the rain water - should it be count as a rainfall? If YES… it is broken - I still have a guarantty.

the spoon may have a magnet on the back that passes by a sensor when moved… this magent may have fallen off, i do not have the device to explore further…