S2105 sending incorrect readings of soil temp

My S2105 has been working fine for several months. Now it sends an off the scale soil temp reading once or several times a day. Other data from the sensor seems normal. It sends LoRa data to a RAK7244 which sends to my weather station. I have a SenseCap CO2 sensor which is setup the same way with no problems. See attached data. Any help would be appreciated.

Correction to my first posting. All three data sets are reading very high blips (off scale) at the same time—soil temp, moisture and conductivity.

maybe some type of power or grounding problem?

With a high spike like that, does it indicate a short or an open circuit?

Hi there,
so does it report the correct time stamp when the spike occurs?
just curious and lurking. can the timing of the sample taken be changed? try lower or slower.
Cool stuff for sure though, and looks like a ton of data being collected here. Very nice.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

what dashboard is that you using?

Upgrading firmware to 2.4 seems (so far) to have fixed the problem. Thanks all.

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