S1000 SenseCAP Weather + S2100 LoRa Datalogger = No Readings Until Connecting USB to PC?

Hi all,

We recently purchased an S1000 10 in 1 weather station and S2100 LoRa RS485 Modbus logger to add weather sensing capabilities to our network. I’ve been following the guide on the wiki to configure these here (including providing the weather sensor and data logger an external 12V power source):

Once configured, in the SenseCAP Mate phone app, if I click “Measure” to take a set of test measurements from the sensor, all the readings are 0, there’s no data. However, if I first plug the S1000 into my PC and wait a few seconds for the USB device to enumerate and unplug it again, THEN measurements over RS485 come back with expected values.

It’s like the sensor is going into sleep right away after power up (the way it is described to for the SDI-12 output mode) but I thought it was not supposed to do this in RS485 Modbus RTU mode? Plugging it into the PC via USB seems to “wake” the sensor up somehow. It doesn’t seem to matter if I connect to the sensor from the PC and read from it, I just have to plug it in long enough for it to enumerate to make it work.

Can anyone help figure out how to keep the sensor from going to sleep? If there were a brief loss of power, I don’t want the sensor to be offline until someone can go over an briefly plug it into a laptop,