I have been trying for the last week to install the firmware onto my dso203 and in the process have maybe screwed myself by erasing the dso’s hard drive.
When I turn it on now I only get a blank screen and and a constant audible tone!!!

In the process of trying to install a firmware, my PC’s OS prompted me to format the dso in order to fit a too large of a firmware which I now know was the wrong one.
Does anyone know where and how I can find and restore the necessary software including the firmware I was originally looking for or did I just throw $200 in the garbage?

The Chinese website “minidso” was very confusing and incomplete and the translating web page was not that good. After a week of research I found this forum and looks like you all have the brains to help me in proper ENGLISH.

Also was wondering if anyone knows of a better user manual other than the one provided with the unit. I have been trying to record a waveform and play it back on my PC for better viewing, zooming in and storing. Is all that even possible? Barely had the chance to play with it!!!

Any help would be sooooo apreciated :question: :question: :question:

First couple of things to establish are whether the DFU software is still working and also what model you have.

The DFU / bootloader is the base firmware that supports the start up of the device and also the DFU ‘disk’ that is used to load new firmware. Normally the DFU/bootloader should not be touched or updated and when loading SYS and APP software they occupy a different part of the memory space. However, it is possible to corrupt it if bad stuff is loaded.

So if you turn it on with the Run (Left) button pressed and you don’t get the DFU screen and a drive appearing on the PC USB connection then the DFU has been screwed up. That is not good news but can be recovered by re-flashing using the internal serial connection. Check out this thread viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4628&start=0. It has pointers to other threads that detail how to do this.

If it does get you into DFU mode anyway or when you have recovered it by the serial reflash then the software you load will be determined by whether it is a 2M model or a 8M model.

Hello. I may have also done the same thing myself recently.
The DSO Quad has provision for a UART. It is accessible via CN7 on the circuit board. It has 6 connections:-

  1. 2.8v
  2. BT0
  3. RST
  4. RX
  5. TX
  6. GND
    By connecting BT0 to 2.8v the quad will go into serial upload mode when switched on. (White screen only). Connecting RX, TX, and ground to a suitable serial interface ( I use a ttl to USB device from Ebay ) and connecting that to a PC will allow you to use a program available from the STMicroelectronics website which will let you upload a new bootloader program. Once that is done you will be able to connect the USB cable to the PC and boot the quad into firmware upload mode.(DFU drive appears on your PC).

Have a look at the forum topic “DSO Quad Bootloader corrupted” on this forum for more help.