RX and TX using SeeedXiao cannot send

While using SeeedXiao, I used LoRa module to send and receive data. When using Arduino, I could send and receive data normally, but after changing to XIAO, data could be seen on the serial port, but the receiving end could not receive it

I am having the same issue, I can get the configuration data from the EBYTE 100 mW unit and change the configuration so the serial comms between the XIAO and the LORA unit is sound. There is nothing received on the LORA radio when I send out from the other LORA unit, both of them are on XIAO’s.

I have a hunch that the current required by the LORA radio is more than the regulator on the XIAO board can provide. Later today I will try powering the LORA radios with my bench power supply to check this thought. I will post whne I have results.