Running SPI display under Linux on Odyssey X64

Hi, did anyone managed to run any SPI display on that board? I have this one

And while it has RPI driver in python, it using RPi.GPIO library that will not install on Odyssey X64
So not able to use the driver for that one.
Is there any small screen OLED or LCD that is tested under linux on that board?
I need to incorporate a small 1-2" screen in to the lid and use to display 5G stats.

Ok so it is way harder then expected to adapt SPI screen to work with any SPI screen under Linux. In the end I changed a screen to 2" Waveshare LCD as this OLED one was poor quality and I had to hire SPI wizard developer to do it. But I think it came out nice. If seeedstudio is interested in my custom SPI python driver for this type of the ST7789 screens let me know.

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Nice project, Good job

Great Work. I can’t wait till I try something similar.
I hope seeed Studio picks up your driver

Fantastic job, this looks so cool. Does your odessey x86 setup run on a battery pack?

Yep, I use smart battery from RRC that I can talk to over SMBus. (unfortunately not from Odyssey directly as I still can’t make I2C to run at 100k that is required for SMBus) When idle with Ubuntu Odyssey takes 2.7W so I get about 32h autonomy). With 5G modem about 15h.

RRC has nice power managment module that does allow to charge battery while still powering the load.

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Wow, I was thinking of powering the Odyssey from a 65w powerbank but your setup is so much nicer.
From what I could gather from the images. You are using a RRC2054-4 battery with RRC-PPM240 for power management and charging, is that correct? If you don’t mind sharing, how is this all connected to the Odyssey? Would love to have this setup for my system. Many thanks.

Yep exactly I use RRC2054-2 battery (-4 does not exists) and the PPM240 and it gives UPS like functionality to the load connected (in that case Oddysey). As PMM needs to get Voltage above max battery voltage and (16.8v) and still below the max allowed to odyssey that is 19V (it will pass the input when on powersupply) that requires a supply current in a narrow range of around 17.5-18.5V

To go around that I also have in case a wide range step-down step-up regulator 150W that will allows the setup to be powered with from any source in range 8-28V

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