Running MicroPython firmware.uf2 on Wio Terminal

I went to the MicroPython repo on GitHub where I found there seems to be a port that supports the Wio Terminal.

But after building it on my Mac with make BOARD=SEEED_WIO_TERMINAL and transferring the resulting firmware.uf2 to the ARDUINO drive on to the Wio Terminal, the Wio Terminal does not boot up. Nothing happens.

Is there any documentation to help with compiling and installing micropython from scratch on Wio Terminal?

My objective is to use a custom library available for micropython.

We cannot guarantee the availability of unofficial libraries, which are untested.

Where can I get the source code and build instructions for the micropython uf2 that can run on Wio Terminal?

Hello, I checked with the R&D department and they do not have micropython support for wio terminal yet.

Have you checked the forum for help? I looks like there are a few discussions on the WIO terminal.
micropython forum
I do not have a WIO terminal but have built the XIAO uf2 from with several small mods with no problems. Have you tried the direct the released or nightly build from micropython?
uPyrhon for WIO Terminal