Running 64Gb eMMc fanless + mechanical dimensions (ODYSSEY - X86J4125800)

I had two questions about the board (64Gb eMMc):

  1. As I don’t have one myself to play around with, how much of an issue is heat dissipation, particularly with the fan disconnected? For reference, the ethernet ports would be used to run two cameras simultaneously and it would be in an environment where fans cannot be used for cooling, hence disconnecting the fan. Would simply adding additional heatsinking be sufficient for this board? It would be nice to be able to order the board with the fan-less heatsink/order the fan-less heatsink separately, but it doesn’t appear to be available.

  2. From looking around I see that there are no available schematics, but I was wondering if the mechanical dimensions (e.g. location of mounting holes) are available anywhere? This would be nice to have in order to check before ordering the board.


@_SA The fan run or not according your application and enviroment temperature. You can test your app run as full speed, monitor the temperature of the CPU, make sure the temperature less than 75℃ in all conditions. If pass the temerature test, you can disconnect the fan cable now.
The dimensions ref this link:

For my application the fan cannot be used at all, and it must rely purely on the heatsink. Is it possible to obtain the fan-less heatsink separately to use with the 64Gb eMMc?

Thanks for the dimensions!

Didn’t hear any news about fan-less heatsink will be in store.