RTL8720 UART gateway not working as excepted


i started to try to understand the RTL FW to find the pb with the Wifi disconnected…

so i follow the wiki here to reflash the RTL chip:

the firmware to be flashed on the SAMD is not working as expected…
It works only 1 time…

Need to reset WIO to go back to the RTL burn mode.

The RTL need its RX pin set to low during Reset to go to boot mode.
the SAMD code try to do this, but unfortunatly, when Serial.begin() is called, the GPIO peripheral mode is configured in order to use the UART and it is never déconfigured.
So the RX signal is not pulled low…

I think it is a bug in the Arduino layer provided by Seeed Studio that manage the GPIO and Serial

@Seeed if you have a solution or bug fix… it could be good !