RTC not working together with 'digital light sensor'

I am trying to use a Grove RTC in combination with a Grove digital light sensor. The RTC is connected to an i2c port of the Grove Base Shield. A Grove ‘Digital Light Sensor’ is connected to another i2c port. Problem: when both are connected, the RTC sample code outputs

45:165:85 165/165/2165 165*

in the serial monitor and there’s no way to set the time or date.

If I disconnect the light sensor, everything works fine.

That means that both cannot be used together. The RTC only works if the digital light sensor is unplugged.

Any ideas or solutions?



I tested the official example while digital light sensor and RTC are all pulged on the i2c bus, but did not meet your problem.

Only if the RTC is not on the bus it happens(In fact the serial data received means all i2c data is 255, maybe it can not read anything).

Are you sure you have reset after plug/unplug the groves? You’d better not to plug/unplug them while the power is on.