RTC inta interruption Stalker v2- v2.1

hello I have a stalker v2 and v2.1 but both have had trouble activating the interruption inta, ori both codes and neither worked example, the problem is not the code because when you lift the jumper, causing the change in level so this handbook is produced without problems, the problem is to make the RTC send me the signal. the stalker just bought the v2 so it is unlikely that this damage.

maybe you miss this :

Real Time Clock (RTC) Related
INT (Jumper type: Solder bridge, Location: Bottom, Factory state: NOT connected by a thin track)
Close this jumper to allow the Real Time Clock (RTC) to wake the ATmega328P at a specified time. This jumper will connect INT of the RTC Chip (DS3231) to PD2 (INT0) of ATmega328P.


I solder the bridge that is in the bottom

I’m just going through the forum and I have found your topic. As I played a little bit last time with INT_A of Stalker v2.0 I have some experience now. Is your problem already solved ??