RPLIDAR not working - very poor support

Hi THE RPLIDAR which we purchased were faulty and on your request, we have returned them, but we haven’t heard anything from you guys after you got the RPLIDAR. We would have sent more than 10 emails and we haven’t got any response from you guys. We would like to get the full refund on the item. Kindly process.

Hi, Abhishek

We sincerely apologize for this imperfect purchase experience, we very appreciate your effort for helping us to send the item back.

After we received the return item, we tried to contacted with Ryan - who you had cc’d in the email thread, but we did not hear from him after that. Since we are very willing to send you a replacement, but we are not sure the exact location of you, so this postponed the resend.

Please refer to following email content - when we received the return item:

Hi, Ryan

I received the return RPLiDar -Tracking number 836210131873, could you please provide an address so that we could send the replacement to you directly?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Best Regards!

-Alice with Seeed Customer Support Team

For more info please contact order@seeed.cc

Best Regards