rpcWiFi library only working intermittently

Hi all,

I’ve upgraded to the new rpcWifi library in the hopes it fixes some of the issues with the old atWifi version. The API looks much better, but the connection seems to only work intermittently:

  • Sometimes WiFi.begin() never connects to the AP - the call returns but WiFi.status() returns WL_DISCONNECTED.

  • Sometimes WFi.begin() connects to the AP and the Terminal obtains an IP, but TCP connections time out and the Terminal disconnects from the wifi a few seconds later.

  • Sometimes everything works correctly.

By power-cycling the device enough times I can usually get it to work, but it’s way too unreliable for real use. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone found a solution, or ways to diagnose further?


Hi may i ask that if you have updated to latest firmware as well as the latest Arduino libraries. Sorry for your concern, we are currently still developing the software and have updates almost every week to fix problems.

Yes, I’m running with the 2.0.3 firmware. I assume I should be running the non-JP version?

Yes, that is correct and all the related software are up to date to match with the firmware?(rpcWiFi and rpcUnified)

Yes I think so - I updated the repos yesterday. Is there a way I can enable debug logging to help understand what’s going on?

yes. We defined the log here: Seeed_Arduino_rpcUnified/src/rpc_unified_log.h:

simply uncomment these: