Round PCB with hole?


I was just wondering if it’s possible to create a round PCB (approx 85mm dia) with a 40 mm dia hole in the middle (essentially a ring shaped PCB) with the fusion service?

Many thanks


It should be OK. But you should send your gerber file to us first because we need to confirm if it’s really possible.


Thanks - I’ve not done any of the layout yet - I didn’t want to start before I new it was possible :smiley: I’ll send something along in due course…

Hello! What is the status about your question?

I also want to make a round PCB (approx. 48mm diameter) fitting on a 5cm x 5cm board. See attachment:round_question.png


I’ve not progressed this any further due to other commitments - it’s probably worth you submitting your design and seeing what they say


Round PCB outline is fine. Seeed will route the edges to basically any shape you wish. The board size is simply the smallest square it will fit in, so a 4.8cm diameter circle is fine for the 5x5cm service.

The original poster was asking about internal routing to cut out a smaller circle from the middle also.