Rotary Encoder

Rotary Encoder.JPG

Hi guys,

Here is the wiring demo:

White wire connect to GND;

Yellow wire connect to +5v;

Black & Red wire connect to I/O pin;

Arduino usage:

ps. the resistors are 10k. Thanks


First post and new to the arduino community. After looking at all the clones, my favorite is the seeduino. So I’m waiting for the next version of the board. The application I am thinking is to build a controller for an audio DAC, and so I would need to interface a rotary encoder, LCD and IR remote at the minimum.

Thus, this rotary encoder example here is very relevant. But there are two libraries out there: the one you mentioned is based on a loop and thus everything else (IR remote, LCD interface) has to be inside this loop. The other library is interrupt driven: … 8#more-248

If it is not too much asking, what is your opinion or experience with these two libraries?



Hi Guillermo

Welcome :wink:

For simple applications a loop would be good enough, but if you are handling multiple stuff an interupt way would be more conveninet and responsive. You would feel it by trying both. Thanks!