Rick MacDonald's Smart Security Camera Project Presentation at Maker Faire Rome on November 11, 2021

“Using Machine Learning and Internet of Things technology you can easily build a custom security camera system that has the ability to detect and classify objects in real-time, send alerts with still images to your smart phone, record video about the object detection events and interact with your home automation system. This talk will discuss everything that is necessary to accomplish this and will be more like a workshop with hopefully lots of time to answer questions. The software we will be looking at is mostly written in Python (version 3) and is pretty simple and should be easy to understand.

The reference material for the talk (homework!) will be on Github as of Monday November 8 at: https://github.com/RocketManRC/SmartSecurityCamera

For event sign up: https://makerfairerome.eu/en/maker-learn-festival-en/?edition=2021&event_id=200063