RGB Matrix w/Driver - firmware question


I’m new here and started a project based on this nice little led matrix.
I am now interested in the embedded MCU and its firmware, and could not find much references to it in the forum.
I understand that it is possible to upload a new firmware … but is the firmware’s source available ?

Specifically, I would like to change how communications are done (I2C is nice, but I need to interface with something different that cannot be changed). Having a setPixel(x,y, color) function would be nice too, as being able to upload a custom color map.

For my communication problem, I currently use an intermediary device (an esp8266, that can talk I2C and whatever I need on the other side) … but getting rid of it would be nice :slight_smile:

This is a Wiki about the Grove-RGB LED Matrix w/Driver, you can have a look.

Thank you for your response … but I came to this forum from this very wiki page :slight_smile:

There, they explain that uploading a new firmware (for the embedded STM32F021 MCU) is possible - with photo of the dedicated connectors.
But I could not find additional informations about the firmware nor its source code.

setPixel(x,y, color) - this is exactly what i want to implement too.

were you able to get the source code of the driver firmware?