RGB matrix 8*8 60mm Arduino compatible - pin info

Well, I got the RGB matrix and I have an Arduino Duemilanove and I have some 74hc595 chips. My problem is I have no idea what each of the pins are for. Perhaps a more experienced person could figure this out at a glance, but I’m sorta new to this. Is there a schematic somewhere that I have missed?

Any advice appreciated.


Hey there stone.

I am more or less in the same boat as you. I bought one of seeed’s 8x8 matrixes and don’t know how to control it yet.

I just did a writeup on my blog on some current options for driving the 8x8 rgb matrix. http://jafoca.com/tech/electronic-odyssey-pt15-first-steps-and-some-info-on-driving-8x8-rgb-matrixes None of them are THAT great, so we probably want to wait and see what Seeed’s Rainbowduino is like in a few weeks time. Hopefully they will not make it TOO unfriendly for the sake of cost.