Hi all

You will understand when you see my questions, that I am ignorant on these topics.

I like sim racing and I use this product: Arduino RGB Matrix · SHWotever/SimHub Wiki · GitHub

in my simulator to receive information during my gaming sessions

But I have seen this product of yours

and it seems much more attractive to me to include a second information panel

My question is if you think it is possible to use it for this purpose and if I could do it by downloading the configuration software for Arduino that Simhub includes for this purpose or would I have to develop my own (something that I hope would not be necessary)

I do not fully understand what you are asking… trying to do… but it seems the rgb matrix is similar

I haven’t explained myself too much, honestly.

In my sim racing rig, I use the element mentioned in the second link. With the Simhub program, which receives the telemetry data from the car game, I can send drawings or texts to that LED matrix based on code, either Ncalc or Jint Javascript.

I have this part under control.

But electronics is a pending subject for me.

When purchasing the element listed in the first link, “connecting” it to Simhub was a piece of cake, since Simhub itself sent the Arduino program to this element so that the management of the LEDs is possible.

I interpret that the product in the second link is similar, that the sum of Seeeduino V4 + Base Shield Grove + RGB LED Matrix w/Driver is equivalent, and that Simhub will detect everything as it does with an Arduino Uno or a Leonardo.

My ignorance is what prompts me to ask you here, hoping that someone can confirm or not confirm all of this.


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