RGB LED glasses using the Rainbowduino - Help!

Hey all,

Noob here. I’ve played with RGB LEDs on a normal Arduino before but my current project needs a bit more power.

I bought a pair of sunglasses (attached) and I want to attach RGB SMDs to them. I’d like to have a grid of 5 x 19 RGB SMDs, minus a few due due to the placement of the nose rest. This is going to be roughly under 90 SMDs.

I can’t seem to find any applications of the Rainbowduino that don’t utilize the pre-made RGB LED matrix. Can the Rainbowduino handle non-square LED matrices? In this case, my 5x19 matrix?

In addition, I’ve never made an RGB matrix. Judging from how things look on other projects it seems that it can be as simple as soldering all the common leads together and appropriately wiring them to the Rainbowduino. Does anyone have an example or a schematic of one such matrix?

Ideally I’d also like to rig up some simple inputs to the board to turn it on/off and to switch between modes. Is this possible with the Rainbowduino or is it purely an LED driver?

I know that these are basic questions but I appreciate any insight you can offer!