RGB Cube - Layers Mixed Up ?


I know it’s probably a construction error, but after checking several times I’m stuck!

When I run the code below:

#include <Rainbowduino.h>

void setup()
Rb.init(); //initialize Rainbowduino driver

unsigned int x,y;

void loop()

Which should set Layer 0 to green I see a very different result:

The first 2 rows are correctly lit i.e. looking from the front then the 2 rows on the right-hand side are green but layer 0 then continues on the top of the cube ! and the tow left-hand rows are green !!

What have I done - please help !



Dear customer,

I seen your code has a little problem, so perhaps you can provide your photo to show up what happen with your cube.

Then make sure you can use demo code to light it correctly.

What ever check your solder point and your codes first.

Best regards,