RFID penetration


Does anybody know if this module
seeedstudio.com/depot/1356mh … ae7c9.html
works through 10mm (0.39 in) thick stone.


Depends on the stone and the tag you’re using.
If the stone doesn’t contain metal and you use an “ISO card” tag it should work. But remember that this module is only for the most basic RFID functions (just to say one: no anticollision!)…

i have found this :

The specific absorption rate (damping) for water or nonconductive substances is lower by a
factor of 100 000 at 100 kHz than it is at 1 GHz. Therefore, virtually no absorption or damping
takes place. Lower-frequency RF systems are primarily used due to the better penetration of objects
(Schürmann, 1994).

Looks like i’ll have to buy the 128kh modul