RFID Module and Linux


Has anyone had a RFID module working on a Linux OS and placing info into OO-Calc spreadsheet.

I would like to use USB as it is the only ports on my laptop.



Yes, it should work with linux.
If you mean the 125Khz version, there’s a UART version and Wiegand version. UART is serial port signaling, but you’ll need a TTL<->serial and serial<->USB converters… or a USB<->TTL one.
Bus Pirate can work as a fancy USB<->TTL converter, though it’s an overkill. P4 adapter from MakerShed is a cheap serial adapter.
Not sure what can be used for Wiegand version. I think I saw someone interface it directly to an arduino.

You’ll most likely need to code up something to put the data into OO.org spreadsheet.

BTW, one thing to keep in mind is that the reader will only send the signal to your computer once while the RFID tag is in range. I have a Parallax RFID reader and that one sends signal constantly while the tag is in range.

Hi Fry-kun

Thanks for your reply. Appreciated.

Have found on a Arduino site someone who has connected Seeed to a Ardiuino board. Will follow that up.

I will also follow up your comments and look at how to make work.

Thanks and regards