I have just started to study RFBee.
I have a few question:

  1. Could RFBee communicate to modules based on TI C1110 chip?
  2. What work frequency of ATmega168? I have found oscillator 16 MHz on RFBee schematic, but dont see it on RFBee photo.
  3. Is it possible to programme ATmega168 over the air, like RFu-328, using USB-UART bridge with second RFBee on this schema:
    PC <-> USB-UART <-> RFBee …air… RFBee (need to programme)


  1. maybe, rfbee use c1101, and we don’t try c1101 yet.
  2. yes, the RFBee works under the frequency of 16HZ, and you can find the oscillator in the “RFBee.sch” file, if you wanna find the exact position , you can refer to the “RFBee.brd” file , you can’t miss it.

no, I had a try, but with no luck~

but use a xbee will be ok. :slight_smile:

Thank you for answers!